International Dial-In Numbers

Participants can dial in to your conference calls from anywhere in the world at no additional charge to you. Simply provide them with the toll dial in number provided to you at signup. Participants will be charged by their local phone service provider for any long distance fees for calling to the United States.

Alternatively you can provide a toll free dial in number to your participants outside the U.S. to use from one of the following locations. Participants incur no cost to use these numbers, however there is a surcharge to you, as indicated. Please contact us for dial in numbers.

Country Code Country Type Surcharge
61 Australia fixed and mobile $0.10
43 Austria fixed only $0.10
86 China-4007 fixed and mobile $0.30
86 China-800 fixed only $0.30
45 Denmark fixed only $0.10
33 France fixed and mobile $0.10
49 Germany fixed only $0.10
852 Hong Kong fixed only $0.10
62 Indonesia fixed only $0.50
353 Ireland fixed only $0.10
972 Israel fixed and mobile $0.10
39 Italy fixed only $0.10
81 Japan-Freecall Nationwide fixed only $0.15
82 Korea (South) fixed and mobile $0.10
52 Mexico fixed and mobile $0.15
31 Netherlands fixed only $0.10
31 Netherlands - Mobile mobile $0.50
64 New Zealand fixed only $0.10
65 Singapore fixed and mobile $0.10
34 Spain fixed only $0.10
46 Sweden fixed only $0.30
41 Switzerland fixed only $0.10
886 Taiwan fixed and mobile $0.30
44 UK fixed and mobile $0.10
58 Vietnam fixed and mobile $0.50

Additional countries available upon request

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