Advanced Call Management

Quick Start

If turned on, this setting allows conferences to start as soon as the first participant dials in. Participants don’t wait on hold for the moderator to arrive. If Quick Start is turned off, participants wait on hold until the moderator joins the conference.

Listen Only Mode

If turned on, sets all conferences to start in Listen Only mode, which means all lines are muted except the moderator’s. In Listen Only mode participants cannot unmute their line.

Added Security via Conference Specific Password

This feature adds another level of security for a conference by giving the moderator the option to define a security code when starting the conference. Participants will be required to enter this same security code before being allowed to join the conference. The security code is unique to each conference – whatever code the moderator enters at the beginning of the conference is what is used for that conference.

Participant Identification Number

This feature allows each participant to be identified by a unique number on usage reports. If this feature is enabled, after entering the Participant PIN, all participants are prompted to enter a second PIN (personal ID number). The second PIN is stored in the call record for that call and can be seen in the Daily Email report and the detailed usage reports available through My Account.

Billing/Accounting Code

When this feature is enabled, the Moderator is prompted to enter a ‘conference account code.’ The number entered is stored in the call record for the conference and can be seen in the Daily Email report and the usage reports available through My Account. This feature is useful for customers who want to be able to associate a call with a specific department, account, client, etc.

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