Operator Assisted Conferencing

Unlimited Conferencing offers Operator Assisted Conferencing services for conferences that require special attention and a personal touch. We accommodate all types of conferences including special events, investor relations calls and board meetings.

Customized Solutions

Our experienced account managers will work with you before your call to create a plan that meets your specific needs. We can help with simple calls where the operator is on standby or more complex calls where the operator controls the call. The operator can: bring participants into the conference, introduce participants, poll participants, lock the conference, etc.

Guaranteed Capacity

Calls are reserved for a specific time period and number of lines. Calls may be automatically extended past the reserved time on a space available basis.

Optional Services

  • Participants list - a list of the names and phone numbers of all participants on your call is sent to you immediately after the call.
  • Screen Sharing - share your desktop with participants.
  • Recording - you can have your conference call recorded, which can be sent to you as a MP3 file or can be accessed via dial-in number.
  • Transcription services are also available.
  • Dial Out - the operator can call participants to add then into the conference call.
  • Q&A Sessions - when you open your conference up for questions, participants can signal to the operator that they would like to ask a question and the operator will unmute their line when it's their turn.

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