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Welcome to our online support center. Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked support questions along with how-to videos to get you started. If you are still having trouble, please contact customer support for additional conferencing help.

It’s just 3 easy steps:

  1. Send an email to your meeting attendees with the date/time of your meeting. Include the dial in number(s) and the Participant PIN, and your meeting room link (optional).
  2. When it’s time to start your meeting, call your dial-in number and enter your Moderator PIN.
  3. If you plan to share your screen or use video, login in to your meeting room by going to and enter your Moderator and Participant PINs. Instruct your meeting attendees to click on the meeting room link you sent them.

That’s it – your meeting is underway!

  • Go to and select ‘My Conference Manager’ from the Login menu.
  • Enter your pins and click Log In.
  • You will be taken your the conference manager.
  • Click on New Meeting and enter the meeting topic, select start date and duration. Optionally, you can enter a password for the meeting and change the friendly URL.
  • Check the Invite Participants checkbox to and enter the participant information - name and email address.
  • start a meeting
  • Click save and choose if you want to send out the meeting invitations immediately.
  • start a meeting
  • Your meeting will be scheduled and you will see it displayed on your Meeting Schedule dashboard.
  • start a meeting
Yes! You can give some participants the toll-free dial-in number and other participants the toll dial-in number to use on the same conference.

Participants can dial in to your conference calls from anywhere in the world at no additional charge to you. Simply provide them with the toll dial in number provided to you at signup. Participants will be charged by their local phone service provider for any long distance fees for calling to the United States.

Alternatively you can provide a toll free dial in number to your participants outside the U.S. to use from one of the following locations. Participants incur no cost to use these numbers, however there is a surcharge to you, as indicated. Please contact us for dial in numbers.

View our International Dial-In Number rates

Moderator Controls

  • *0 - Help Message
  • *1 - Dial out to add a participant to the conference (additional charge applies)
  • *2 - Change conference entry and exit options (name announce, tone, or silence)
  • *3 - Enables/disables continuation of conference after moderator exits
  • *5 - Lecture Mode (mutes all participants except the moderator)
  • *6 - Self-Mute
  • *7 - Security (locks conference so no additional participants can join)
  • *8 - Play list of participants' names
  • #8 - Count of participants
  • *9 - Start Recording (additional charge applies)

Participant Controls

  • *0 - Help Message
  • *6 - Self-Mute
Your account is initially configured to announce the name of each participant as they enter and leave the conference. You can change this to hear either a tone or silence. To change this setting during a conference, press *2. To make this change permanent (for all future conferences), please contact our support department for audio conferencing help.
Simply press *6 on your phone. To unmute, press *6 again.
You can ask the participant to enter *6 on his phone, which will mute his line. Alternatively, as the moderator on a conference, you can mute all participants (except yourself) by pressing *5. You can then inform the participants that they can press *6 to unmute themselves when they want to talk.
The Moderator can begin recording a conference at any time by pressing *9 on his phone. To stop the recording, press *9 again.

All plans include both a toll and toll-free dial-in number. You can give either number to your conference participants to use to dial in to your conferences. When participants call in using your toll dial-in number there is no charge to you – all plans include unlimited minutes for toll dial-in. When participants call in using your toll-free dial-in number, you will be charged the toll-free dial in rate as shown with your rate plan. The rate is per minute per participant who dials in using the toll-free number.

You can use both the toll and toll-free dial in numbers on the same conference call. That is, you can give some participants the toll dial in number and others the toll-free dial in number.

  • Click on the Share My Screen button
  • share my screen
  • Choose what you want to share - your entire desktop (or if you have multiple monitors you can select a monitor), specific computer programs, or selected windows within a program (e.g. tabs within a browser)
  • share my screen
  • You will see a message indicating that you are sharing your screen.
  • To stop sharing, click the Stop button.
  • share my screen

To share their screen, the participant must have the screen sharing app installed. To allow a participant to share their screen, the moderator must give the participant the role of moderator using the following steps:

How to change the participant role

  • Click on the participants avatar (image) under the list of participants
  • Select Role and then Moderator

The participant will now be a moderator and will be able to share their screen

To share your screen, you must download and install our Screen Sharing Application.

  • Go to
  • Click the Install Screen Sharing App button
  • To verify that everything is installed correctly, you can click on the 'System Check' link

The list of supported systems is below.


Microsoft® Windows 7®
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x, Firefox 4.x, Safari 4.x, Chrome 2.x or higher

Microsoft® Windows Vista®
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x, Firefox 4.x, Safari 4.x, Chrome 2.x or higher

Microsoft® Windows XP®
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x, Firefox 4.x, Safari 4.x, Chrome 2.x or higher NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher "Medium" and" Medium-High" default security settings supported. "High" security setting not supported.


Mac OS X v10.4 or 10.5 (PowerPC) or higher
Firefox 4.x, Safari 4.x, Google Chrome 2.x or higher

Mac OS X v10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 (Intel) or higher
Firefox 4.x, Safari 4.x, Google Chrome 2.x or higher


Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5
Firefox 3.x, or higher

Novell SUSE® 9.x or higher
Firefox 3.x, or higher

Ubuntu 10 or later
Firefox 3.x or higher

Solaris Solaris 10
Firefox 3.x or higher

  • Click on the Start my Video only button
  • start my video
  • You will see a notification letting you know which video camera and microphone are being used. You have the option of adjusting these by clicking Open Preferences
  • start my video
  • Invite attendee to Video Conference
  • Click on the participants avatar (image) under the list of participants
  • Click 'Invite to video conference'
  • The attendee will see a popup alert indicating that the moderator is inviting them to the video conference
  • Accept invite to Video Conference
  • When the attendee clicks 'accept' their video feed will be shown in the video conference
All the attendees of the session can use their cameras at the same time. For example, if there are 50 attendees in a session all can turn on their respective cameras during the session. The only limitations are the users own bandwidth. Unlimited Conferencing will allow you to start as many video streams as you like but performance may suffer if bandwidth isn't available.
  • Start my video only
  • Click on start my video only
  • Start my video only
  • You will see one or both of the following permission prompts
    • Adobe flash player settings
    • Chrome camera and microphone permission
  • Click ‘allow’ on the Adobe flash player settings
  • Click ‘allow’ on the chrome camera and microphone permission
  • Login to My Account
  • Click on Billing
  • Click on Billing History
  • Click on the Invoice Number to view an invoice
  • Login to My Account
  • Click on Usage Report
  • Select the report parameters you want
  • Click Generate Report

Yes, you can easily change your PIN codes as often as you like.

  • Login to My Account
  • Click on Conferences
  • Click on Change PINs next to the PIN set you want to change

Please note that once you change your PINs, you cannot go back to the original PINs.

  • Login to My Account
  • On the main Account page, click on the Change Credit Card Information link